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We’d like to welcome you to our new website.

Please browse the website using the menu at top and we’d be happy to hear any feedback you may have on the new website.

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1 Comment

  • Good day,
    This cup will be at the Cavan Fleadh in August.

    I have a new liquid holder – new to Europe – and has just come on the

    This would be ideal for locations such as outdoor events, – Bestival,
    Elactric Picnic, etc.

    It is a plastic jug/mug, with handle, re-usable, washable (up to 1000 times)
    Good for hot or cold drinks.
    Handle ensures drinks can be colder/hotter longer
    Clients pay (for ex.€1.00 or €2.00, refundable), leaving vendor with a good
    if not returned. Many clients take their jugs home as keepsake.
    Can put own publicity on jugs – sell space!
    No rubbish to collect
    No glass, – safety secured
    Stackable – can take 10+ pints in one hand
    Sizes of 25/50cl/1 pt.
    This cup is full CE marked
    F&B marked
    Same material as Tupperware
    Price depending on quantity.

    This may be of interest to you , saving rubbish collection, wages,
    secure – no breakages, saves the environment.
    This type of re-usable cup will soon be a requirement for all outdoor
    Must be seen to appreciate it’s potential.
    Please contact me by e-mail if you wish, and I will phone you directly.

    *See the web page for this* – http://www.stack-cup.com

    or similar in France; http://www.ecocup.fr

    Thanking you,

    Brian O’Donnell