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Diageo Baileys Champion Cow

The prestigious Diageo Baileys Champion Dairy Cow Competition is sponsored by the leading drinks company Diageo, the makers of Baileys Cream, in partnership with its cream supplier Tirlán.

One Day, one Ring, one Champion...

Every August, top Holstein Friesian breeders from the four corners of Ireland travel to Virginia to compete in ‘the Baileys.’ Attracting one of the highest prize funds of its kind in Ireland, of all major pedigree Holstein Friesian competitions, ‘the Baileys’ alone combines good conformation criteria with proven excellence in milk production capabilities. It is one of the top accolades for Holstein Friesian breeders to win and has become one of the ‘must-see’ events in the pedigree dairy livestock calendar. 

Join us as a spectator for this year’s Grand Final when it takes place on 23rd August 2023.

How to enter

Irish Champion Dairy Cow Competition 2023 - Enter Here

Irish Champion Dairy Cow (Junior Cow) - Enter Here

Irish Champion Dairy Cow (Heifer-In-Milk) - Enter Here


1. The competition is confined to pedigree Holstein Friesian cows shown in milk who have produced 500 kgs of fat and protein in a 305 day lactation which commenced on or after 31st July 2021 and recorded under I.C.B.F. or other recognised milk recording agencies.
2. Certificates of milk yields and Herd Book certificates must be lodged with entry forms.
3. Having achieved the qualifying production standard of 500 kgs of fat and protein, the cows will be judged on conformation only in the final.
4. The cow must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor.
5. An exhibitor is allowed to enter only one cow in the final. A second cow with exceptional merit may be allowed at the discretion of the organisers.
6. Renamed cows are not eligible for the Special Award of Best Exhibitor Bred Cow.
7. Junior Cow Awards are confined to Pedigree Holstein Friesian cows in their second lactation born on or after 1st September 2019.
8. Heifer in Milk Awards are confined to Pedigree Holstein Friesian Heifers in milk in the first year of lactation having calved once.
9. The organisers reserve the right to alter or amend the rules as may be necessary.
10. All animals must comply with Department of Agriculture current movement of animal regulations. Cows from Northern Ireland must comply with all DAERA regulations for export purposes.
11. The competition will take place under the auspices of the IHFA, Holstein N.I. andVirginia Show showing rules. Rules and regulations are available from the aboveorganisations.
12. Exhibitors are obliged to use the designated area for Diageo Baileys Cows in the New Show Centre. (Strictly for animals entered in the competition.)

It is essential to tick the GDPR section of the online application form.

For queries, please contact Patrick Gaynor on 087 2898707 or email

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